DUHS MDCAT Rechecking Result 2023 Check Online

Duhs mdcat rechecking result 2023 will be announced in November 2023. Dow University Health and Sciences DUHS mdcat result 2023 was announced on 23rd November. Students having issues in their result applied for result rechecking are informed that retotaling result will be available here.

After the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) went well, the Rechecking result will be released in November 2023 by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The DUHS MDCAT test was taken by an applicant from different provinces. Most of the students have passed the test, but a few of them still need help. But only a small number of students are unhappy with their DUHS MDCAT results. They thought they would get good grades, but they didn’t.

DUHS MDCAT Result Rechecking Form 2023

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC made Paper Rechecking Form 2023 for this reason. This form was put up especially for people who don’t like the results they got. So, the PMC is starting this project. The form for rechecking had to be sent in between November 23 and November 27, 2023. (within 5 days). Students also have to pay a fee to have their MDCAT results rechecked. Now, students at any of the following universities will follow the steps below to fill out the form for checking.

DUHS MDCAT Test Rechecking Result 2023

DUHS MDCAT Entrance Test Rechecking Result will be published here. The list of people who did well on the test is posted online. If a candidate passed the test, he can check his merit list to see where he stands. A candidate who didn’t do well on the test can also look at the merit list to find out where he stands and prepare for the next one.

This page lets you check your DUHS Retotaling Result 2023 final year result, exam result, re-exam result, online exam result, and entrance test result. People who took the test and are waiting for the results are told that rechecking is happening. We’re glad to let you know that the results have been posted on this page. Your seat number will tell you how the vote went. You can also look at old results and results for each semester on this page.

How to Check DUHS MDCAT Result 2023 by Roll Number

  • Visit DUHS University Official Website MDCAT 2023
  • PMC Rechecking Result link available here on this page
  • After clicking on link, the PMC MDCAT 2023 Result Portal will open
  • Enter your name or roll number now to check result

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