How to fill out form and register for jamia darul uloom karachi admission 2023 online?, here is a complete guide for all students. For detailed information about Darul uloom Admission, please check the Prospectus given below. Here you can get courses about Hifz and Arabic language are required to comprehend the Holy Quran and Sunnah, along with fundamental general topics. Consequently, these youngsters can receive a traditional education and complete Hifz.

Check Jamia Darul Uloom result here. Admission has been started from 8 April 2023. The last date of online registration is 28 April 2023. Hurry up guys for admission as last date will not be extended.

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi Admission Rules 2023

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi Admission Apply Online

The number of students for each grade is fixed, admissions are made accordingly, if there is no capacity in any grade or it is limited, then it is announced in advance, however, students with very distinguished ability. The issue can be considered.

If there is no room for accommodation in Dar-ul-Uloom or if there is any obstacle to accommodation or if there is an expedient, then in these specific circumstances the student can be admitted and given accommodation.

For Admission in Any Grade

For admission to any grade, all “standard books” of the grade preceding the grade required shall be examined.

The educational period of the secondary stage is five years and the educational period from the primary stage to the period of Hadith is eight years.

In the five-year period from the first year of secondary school to the fifth year of secondary school, contemporary subjects are taught from the sixth grade to the tenth grade, but during this period, the subjects of Persian, Hadar, Manzil and Fiqh and Sirat are also included in the curriculum. are

After the middle stage, the secondary stage, from the Sanvia Aama Sal e awal (first grade) to the second public year (period of hadith), is reserved only for the religious and Arabic sciences and arts included in the systematic teaching.

It is necessary for all applicants for admission to bring their previous educational certificates and Kashf-ul-Darjat.

While studying in the University, it is necessary to obtain regular permission for examinations from the Board of Contemporary Subjects etc.

It is forbidden to establish the relationship of tutoring, muezzin or imam in any place without the permission of the president of the university or the director of education.

It is prohibited to carry photo mobiles, radios, tape recorders, and all such other things, which are prohibited in Tahsil-il-Ilm.

In case of admission assistance for absence of 50 hours (period) during the year, education stipend will be forfeited till the end of the year and expulsion for absence of 100 hours (period).

Admission to students coming after the specified dates of admission for old and new students will not be guaranteed.

Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi is not responsible for giving reasons for not admitting any student

How to Apply for Admission in Darul Uloom Karachi for year 2023?

Complete Darul Uloom Karachi Admission 2023 in a few clicks by following the guidelines below.

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