Online Mardam Shumari 2023 all over Pakistan has been started from 1st March 2023. 7th Mardam Shumari has been started in Pakistan from 1st March 2023 and it will end on 10th March 2023. The Federal Govt. has decided to facilitate Pakistan Awam by introducing online Mardam Shumari 2023 in Pakistan. Now you can registered yourself and your whole family record in Mardam Shumari 2023 by Self-Enumeration App introduced by Pakistan Govt. You can to go to google play store on your mobile and search self-enumeration app Pakistan free online, then install it on your phone. Now create your self-enumeration portal login and registered by Khud shumari method. Pakistan census 2023 online is a one month project, where teachers are hired to collect date of all Pakistani Citizens.

Note: Last Date of Self Enumeration is 10th March 2023, and door to door registration has ended on 4th April 2023.

Pakistan Mardam Shumari 2023 Online

First time in the history of Pakistan, Online Mardam Shumari 2023 introduced to complete 7th census 2023 process online. If you are facing problems, and do not want to given information to Census Man, you can get it done online by self-enumeration portal login.

Mardam shumari portal login 2023 has been updated.

Mardam shumari 2023 portal

self-enumeration portal login link is given in this post, just click on the link to login to your Mardam Shumari 2023 Portal. Self Enumeration Portal 7th Population & Housing Census Government Of Pakistan complete process check here.

Mardam Shumari 2023 form pdf

You can get Mardam Shumari 2023 Form in PDF Format. If you want to self-enumerate, you can register online. And can also get Census 2023 form. This is an offline form that you can fill in, and be a part of the self-enumeration.

Digital Census 2023

NADRA suggested a comprehensive “IT Solution” for the 7th Population and Household Census of Pakistan, “THE DIGITAL CENSUS,” for the first time in Pakistan. This activity spans the entire nation, with 628 Tehsils comprising approximately 185,000 Census blocks. The activity will be carried out using android-based smart devices that are outfitted with an android-based home listing and enumeration application that is synchronized with GPS and GIS.

Mardam Shumari Online Registration 2023

Details about Pakistan’s self-enumeration site can be found here. Using a novel idea known as “Self-Enumeration,” every Pakistani citizen can now participate in the 7th Digital Census by visiting The self-enumeration concept, like a census, is carried out on a family basis. Any member of that household or family who lives and eats as a single family may register himself and all other members of his family or household. As a result, it is a very convenient way for every household member to register, as well as every person of his family.

Self enumeration portal Pakistan

Self enumeration portal login link is given below, click on the link, it will be redirected to login portal. You can put digital Census 2023 all your information.

Digital Census 2023 online at Complete Instructions

Any citizen who wishes to join in the 7th Digital Census 2023 and register online must follow the steps outlined below.

1: Create an account for yourself.

Online Mardam Shumari in Pakistan

2: Access Your Personal Pbs Gov Pk Account

You must first go to the login tab. Following that, provide your mobile phone number and a password of your choice to prove your identity. For confirmation, you will be issued a One-Time Password, also known as an OTP.

3: Share Details with Family Members

You must input information about the members of your family (Name, Age, Relationship with you, Language, Religion, Migration, Education, Employment status and physical Disability etc.)

4: Enter Your Housing Information

After providing information about your family members, provide information about your home, including the owner, the state of the household, the materials used in the home, and the source of your drinking water.

5: Online Data Verification

Check that all of the information on your Census Questionnaires is accurate before submitting them. If you find an error and need to make a change, click on the relevant area and you can edit the information you entered for any household or family member.

6: Submit Census 2023

Before submitting the census questionnaire, the system will prompt you to verify points.

How to Install the Self-Enumeration App on Mobile?

If you are a Pakistani citizen looking to file your family record, Get the first self-enumeration app from the Play Store. The following are the methods for downloading a self-enumeration app.


What date is census 2023?

The Last date for Online mardam shumari 2023 is 10th March 2023.

What is the population of Pakistan in 2023?

According to Worldometer’s elaboration of the most recent United Nations statistics, Pakistan’s current population is 232,329,849 as of Sunday, March 5, 2023.

When Digital census start in Pakistan 2023?

The Pakistan Census 2023 will be a detailed enumeration of the Pakistani people and the country’s seventh national census. It is presently scheduled to take place from March 1 to March 10, 2023, and will be administered by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

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