PTI election Symbol 2024, “BAT” has been removed by Supreme Court on 13 January 2024. Supreme Court has issued a verdict that PTI was unable to provide evidence of Intera Party Election. So, Cheif Justice Qazi Faiz Esa announced in his 5 pages decision that Intera Party Election are invalid, so the 25 Decemer 2023 decision of Election Commission will remain valid.

Now after PTI lost their BAT symbol a head of General Election 2024, every PTI ticket holder will contest independently. This is a huge loss for PTI as there will be no representation in General Election 2024 from PTI.

PTI Symbol 2024

As, PTI lost BAT Symbol on 13 January. PTI has advised to their ticket holders to apply Random Symbol to participate in General Election 2024. You can check PTI Symbol 2024 election list of All independent candidates selected by PTI. PTI is going to create a web portal to search candidate name & symbol for each constituency.

Reactions on Supreme Court Decision

Taking BAT Symbol away from Tehreek-e-Insaf has become a joke in the whole world. Al Jazeera called it a pre-poll rigging, while Bloomberg and other international newspapers called it an attempt to exclude Tehreek-e-Insaf from the election.

PTI leaders were sent to jail. Nomination papers of PTI candidates were rejected. PTI’s online rallies/fundraisers blocked. Legal woes of PTI’s arch-rival over. The Supreme Court judges are considered by the PTI as an apostate. PTI denies using election symbol. It is brazen, not subtle, pre-poll rigging.

PTI Intikhabi Nishan

Pakistan Supreme Court has suspended the Peshawar High Court Decision on 13 January 2024 and removed PTI Intikhabi Nishan “BAT”. Now PTI’s all candidates will contest in Election 2024, independently. PTI New Election Symbol has been declined by ECP.

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