PTI Punjab Ticket Holders list 2024 updated list is uploaded on their official website on 19th January 2024 at 11:00 AM. You can check the PTI candidates list for Punjab Assembly general election to be held on 8 February 2024. Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf (PTI) has announced the Final list of all candidates which will participate in General election of the Punjab Assembly. The PTI ticket holder list has been updated. There 297 contestants from PTI for Punjab general election 2024. There is 5% Quota for women. It means there are 15 women are also participating in Punjab Assembly election 2024 at PTI ticket.

Last Updated on 26 January 2024: PTI Tickets 2024 list final updated is now available on this page. PTI updated list uploaded on 23 January 2024. PTI make some changes in previous list, pending candidates ticket has been finalized in this list.

PTI official website candidate list 2024

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has uploaded the final list of candidates (ticket holders) for the Punjab Assembly General Elections 2024 on 19 January 2024 at 11:00 AM. Today, 19 January 2024, PTI has uploade the final list for National and Provincial Assembly candidates from Punjab.

PTI Ticket Holders list 2024

Election 2024 are on the way, so PTI has Finalize the list of candidates from Punjab. Selected candidates will be elected through General election 2024. PTI has given ticket to Yasmeen Rashid, Sheikh Waqas Akram, Shokar Basra, Umair Khan Niazi, Jamal Ahsan Khan, and other big names for National and Provincial Assemby Election 2024. But after verdict of Supreme Court all these candidates will contest as independent. NA 50 candidate list 2024 check online here.

PTI Candidates for Punjab Election 2024

You can check complete list of 297 candidates here. List of all PTI candidates on 297 seats of Punjab Assembly has been now uploaded. There are Many changings in list of PTI tickets. The PTI Chairman has approved the final list of candidates for the upcoming Punjab Assembly General Election 2024 to be held on 8th February 2024.

Pti ticket holders list

Election 2024 Schedule

PTI Ticket holders list 2024 pdf

Here is the PTI Punjab Tickets list 2024 pdf file. You can download and view online. Just click on the given link below and view final list of all 297 contestant for Punjab general election 2024. PTI candidates for Punjab election 2024 was uploaded on PTI’s official website, you can directly check here.

Download MPA List 2024 PDF

PTI Punjab tickets 2024

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has released its list of candidates who have been given tickets for the upcoming elections in Punjab. In a statement from the party, it was said that candidates will be giving their ballots to the right people today.

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District Wise PTI List of Candidates

PTI ticket holders list 2024 FaisalabadAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list LahoreAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list MultanAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 RawalpindiAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 SargodhaAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 SahiwalAnnounced
PTI ticket holders OkaraAnnounced
PTI ticket holders BahawalnagarAnnounced
PTI ticket holders NarowalAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 GujratAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list SailkotAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 Dera Ghazi KhanAnnounced
PTI ticket holders LayyahAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 BhakkarAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 AttockAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 MuzaffargarhAnnounced
PTI ticket holders Raheem yar KhanAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list JhangAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 ChakwalAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list JhelumAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 GujranwalaAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 M.B DinAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 Hafiz AbadAnnounced
PTI ticket holders in KhushabAnnounced
PTI ticket holders in MianwaliAnnounced
PTI ticket holders ChiniotAnnounced
PTI ticket holders Complete list of Toba Tak SinghAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list of Nankana SahbAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 SheikhupuraAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 KasurAnnounced
PTI candidates list 2024 PakpattanAnnounced
PTI candidates list 2024 KhanewalAnnounced
PTI Member list 2024 LodhranAnnounced
PTI ticket holders list 2024 VehariAnnounced
PTI ticket holders 2024 BahawalpurAnnounced
PTI final ticket holders list 2024 RajanpurAnnounced

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